ut ante fui

“When you find this in your ask share five facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers :P”
-- marthe-with-an-e

thanks :))

  1. i’m passionate about study abroad
  2. i’m a serious gourmand
  3. i’m very outdoorsy
  4. i’m going to a poetry reading tonight
  5. i’m infatuated with art museums 
“top 5 Hiddleston roles”
-- hugsfrompeeta
  1. king henry v (w/ inclusion of prince hal obvs)
  2. caius martius coriolanus
  3. loki laufeyson  
  4. magnus martinsson
  5. oakley 
“Any sign of Tom yet in England?”
-- hugsfrompeeta

sadly not. i did see a statue of henry v today though so that must be worth something. but, as my professor told me, h5 just isn’t as attractive as hiddleston

“How much longer are you going to be in england? :) I love the pictures you've posted !”
-- Anonymous

hey there friend. i leave june 12

“which college at oxford did you study at?”
-- Anonymous

saint anne’s!! are you an oxford student ?????

“You there... Freeze! You're under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 (or more!!) other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful”
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thanks so much!!

“Welcome to England! I'm glad you like it here. And this is going to sound creepy (hence the anon) but it makes me smile to have one of my favourite bloggers finally on the same continent as me! :D xx”
-- Anonymous

aww thank you!! sorry about getting to this so late…my internet situation is a bit sketchy at the moment

“You’re it! rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful! spread the love!! ♥”
-- captain-hazeldine

thank you!!

-- serannwrap

kittencats are possibly the most important creatures i am very jealous also i understand that and sympathize but cannot empathize since i havent held a kittencat in years which is the obviously more tragic than your situation

“is Austenland a comedy or drama? Brent mckenzie's in it :)”
-- brauliorsjournal

i would go with comedy. yess he most certainly is

“hey there~ i just wanted to tell you that i hope you have a nice week :) k bye”
-- i-lovee-jess

thank youuu ! omg i really needed this right now. you too!!

“next time those folks are loud and you have to sleep with headphones in you should march right over and tell them to shut their shit holes and if they try to fight you or hurt you just let them know you have a friend who likes to play with knives and has always wondered what it's like to cut human flesh”
-- Anonymous


“hello is this 911? it's an emergency: i don't know how to flirt. A guy invited me to "cuddle with him sometime" and i literally responded "haha ok" ... HAHA OKAY KAT. HAHAHAHA NOTHING'S OKAY”
-- serannwrap

i mean was it like a random invite or were yall texting before and it built up to that? also accept the cuddles you deserve. but do the cute test: is the boy cute? yes? cuddle him. no? don’t cuddle him. be wary of “cuddle” being a euphemism for more energetic intimacy though. go get him tiger

“are you studying abroad for a semester/year?”
-- Anonymous

nope. i thought about it. but. well. i mean i studied abroad for 10 weeks this past year. and i will be abroad again this spring for a month (5 weeks abroad though since my parents are coming to see me in london wooo). but yeah my school has a unique schedule of two 12 week terms and one 4 week term when we take just one class. so i was abroad last spring and will be abroad again this spring term

“I don't know. Anything you're working on. In general :)”
-- Anonymous

Alright. Well I will tell you about the research paper for my Shakespeare class because it is probably my favorite and I just finished the first draft this morning. I am writing about symbolism in Thea Sharrock’s Henry V (The Hollow Crown version) and specifically the visual importance of the Cross of Saint George. [It doesn’t sound like much but it is a pretty decent 4.6k words]