we are but mortals

“i'm so glad you tag things. sometimes i go through your ryan lochte tag for a nice pick-me up.”
-- serannwrap

god bless

“hi i'm going to london next week and i know you've spent a lot of time there so what are your london faves? thanks so much xoxo”
-- Anonymous

oh boy! first of all: i’m so jealous !! i hope you have a fab time!!

favorites in general? or is there something specific you are looking for (art, theatre, food)? in general i would recommend 1 unless you are absolutely dying to see van gogh’s sunflowers at the national gallery or the rosetta stone at the british museum, i would opt for the less-frequented museums like the national portrait gallery, the v&a, tate modern, and the royal academy of arts 2 see something off the west end- theatres i love: jermyn street, royal court, trafalgar studios 3 try out a small plate/tapas restaurant like central and co (in carnaby) or picture (in fitzrovia) 4 if you are of legal age, check out a cocktail bar during happy hour; i love london cocktail club, which has multiple locations (i recommend the goodge st and the shaftesbury ave) 5 go to an evensong service at st. paul’s and/or westminster abbey - both have amazing choirs and it is the best way to see the interiors of the churches 6 catch a show at the globe (if you want a really authentic experience, try a £5 groundling ticket) 7 spend some time in the parks; regent’s park is my favorite running location and hyde park is great for people watching in the afternoon 8 enjoy an afternoon tea service (it’s super touristy, but if you like proper british scones and clotted cream it is a must); most hotels offer tea menus - i have had a good one at the bloomsbury hotel 9 experience fortnum and mason; i highly recommend purchasing some of their tea (wedding breakfast is my fav), or preserves and marmalades (esp the ones that are spiked like yes please put champagne in that), or their chocolates (EVERYONE TAKE NOTE: my birthday is in december and i am dying to try their new christening tea HINT HINT) 10 do all the walking you can, if you are sticking to zone one forget the tube; wandering the streets is also best for orienting yourself and you never know what you might encounter (but if you plan on needing the tube frequently i recommend buying an oyster card at the heathrow station)

i’m not sure how long you will be in the city? but i do realize i just recommended activities that could easily encompass a few weeks and aren’t necessarily the most touristy. if you are looking for the sight-seeing touristy, i advocate for self-led walking tours: you can be in complete control of where you head and it is much better than the alternatives of bus tours or things like the london eye (not worth the price btw)

please let me know how your trip goes!! i hope you can use some of this??

“Hey! Just reminding you that you're awesome and wonderful! Just in case you forgot or began second guessing. (:”
-- controlledspontaneity

you are such a lovely person oh gosh thank you !!

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thank you friend!

“Psst I luv ya”
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-- serannwrap

OH HAY FRAND. um you in boco??? friday???saturday???? my latin class has kind of taken over my life??? but yeah i’m done w class at 11 on friday????????

“is this supposed to start a pissing contest of who loves you more? BECAUSE I WILL WIN”
-- serannwrap

ann im mad at you b/c you are in my state bUT NOT MY CITY RIGHT NOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU I WANT TO PET YOUR FACE

“hello i love you”
-- sehastianstan

hello friend i love you too and miss you be in my life more

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thanks :))

  1. i’m passionate about study abroad
  2. i’m a serious gourmand
  3. i’m very outdoorsy
  4. i’m going to a poetry reading tonight
  5. i’m infatuated with art museums 
“top 5 Hiddleston roles”
-- hugsfrompeeta
  1. king henry v (w/ inclusion of prince hal obvs)
  2. caius martius coriolanus
  3. loki laufeyson  
  4. magnus martinsson
  5. oakley 
“Any sign of Tom yet in England?”
-- hugsfrompeeta

sadly not. i did see a statue of henry v today though so that must be worth something. but, as my professor told me, h5 just isn’t as attractive as hiddleston

“How much longer are you going to be in england? :) I love the pictures you've posted !”
-- Anonymous

hey there friend. i leave june 12

“which college at oxford did you study at?”
-- Anonymous

saint anne’s!! are you an oxford student ?????

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thanks so much!!

“Welcome to England! I'm glad you like it here. And this is going to sound creepy (hence the anon) but it makes me smile to have one of my favourite bloggers finally on the same continent as me! :D xx”
-- Anonymous

aww thank you!! sorry about getting to this so late…my internet situation is a bit sketchy at the moment