we are but mortals

“is Austenland a comedy or drama? Brent mckenzie's in it :)”
-- brauliorsjournal

i would go with comedy. yess he most certainly is

“hey there~ i just wanted to tell you that i hope you have a nice week :) k bye”
-- shinjilein

thank youuu ! omg i really needed this right now. you too!!

“next time those folks are loud and you have to sleep with headphones in you should march right over and tell them to shut their shit holes and if they try to fight you or hurt you just let them know you have a friend who likes to play with knives and has always wondered what it's like to cut human flesh”
-- Anonymous


“hello is this 911? it's an emergency: i don't know how to flirt. A guy invited me to "cuddle with him sometime" and i literally responded "haha ok" ... HAHA OKAY KAT. HAHAHAHA NOTHING'S OKAY”
-- serannwrap

i mean was it like a random invite or were yall texting before and it built up to that? also accept the cuddles you deserve. but do the cute test: is the boy cute? yes? cuddle him. no? don’t cuddle him. be wary of “cuddle” being a euphemism for more energetic intimacy though. go get him tiger

“are you studying abroad for a semester/year?”
-- Anonymous

nope. i thought about it. but. well. i mean i studied abroad for 10 weeks this past year. and i will be abroad again this spring for a month (5 weeks abroad though since my parents are coming to see me in london wooo). but yeah my school has a unique schedule of two 12 week terms and one 4 week term when we take just one class. so i was abroad last spring and will be abroad again this spring term

“I don't know. Anything you're working on. In general :)”
-- Anonymous

Alright. Well I will tell you about the research paper for my Shakespeare class because it is probably my favorite and I just finished the first draft this morning. I am writing about symbolism in Thea Sharrock’s Henry V (The Hollow Crown version) and specifically the visual importance of the Cross of Saint George. [It doesn’t sound like much but it is a pretty decent 4.6k words]

“I don't know, I feel it is a conscious effort with Mr. Darcy. I feel as if he wouldn't have been as drawn to Elizabeth's honesty and forthrightness if he wasn't presenting himself in a contrived and restrained way. That's more my emotional intuition, though, than any kind of true analysis. I never studied the book formally. What are you working on now if I can ask?”
-- Anonymous

Ok I can see that. Working on for that class or in general?

“It is amazing. I like cats better than people, too. I wanted to comment more about Mr. Darcy before - no space! Do you think he consciously disguises his awkwardness as aloofness, or is it a consequence of his true character? I've always been drawn to adaptations that explore the social awkwardness issue. I relate so much more to the film adaptation in 2005 with Keira Knightly for that reason. It's like my favorite movie ever. I don't relate to Elizabeth, but Darcy.”
-- Anonymous

Hmm I think it’s inadvertent and something he can get away with because his social status is such that no one would dare question his attitude. Your thoughts?? But yess I love the 2005 adaptation, although I have some problems with Wright’s design because it is all over the place and it can feel uncomfortable. I would really prefer a very set Regency p+p without the straying into the Romantic like the 2005 because I don’t think it fits with the novel. 

“Still, I feel compelled to explain. I studied zoology and psychology, and I'm interning now to be a big cat keeper. I almost failed the required chemistry and physics courses and only barely skated through. So ... I'm not a science person. I'm a fraud really. My degree is a very expensive ticket to working every day with tigers. Cheers to your fam though”
-- Anonymous

You don’t need to explain anything!! Like seriously and I’m sorry you thought I was being sarcastic aghh I hope I didn’t offend you?? That was not my intention. but omg tigERS. cats and big cats are the best that sounds so wonderful

“Do you mean that as sarcasm? This is why I like anon I guess”
-- Anonymous

noooOO. Absolutely not sarcastic. Both my parents have PhDs in scientific fields, my sister just graduated magna cum laude with a BS, a number of my non-immediate fam has some relationship to science. It’s seriously respectable just not something I’m particularly drawn towards

“I have graduated, but actually, I have degrees in science. I took another career path, but -Sorting Hat voice- I would've done well in English. I just didn't know what I would do with it. I don't really regret it, I'm looking at an amazing career and doing what I love, but I love literature too. It's like a hole in my life now. Two passions, and only one is being realized.”
-- Anonymous

oh wow. science. I can respect that.

“I don't know, I'm really shy! I don't have much writing online. I miss studying Shakespeare at university, though, and especially writing papers. Do you interpret Mr. Darcy as socially awkward? P.S. Saw your tags, let me know if you make out with a few more girls and change your mind, yeah?”
-- Anonymous

Ok ok! I won’t push it…sooo does that mean you have graduated? Were you an English major by chance? And I do indeed read Darcy as awkward in a way that comes across as aloof and supercilious 

“I doubt it love, I have like no followers, but I will check. Surprise! nope. I'm sorry, I was talking about the writing sample you posted, like literally a picture of your essay where you were discussing Tom's curls and how he would make a good Darcy and your (amazing?) professor said "good". It's very similar to my writing style, but I never wrote about who should take on what roles. That's what I meant.”
-- Anonymous

If you come off anon I will totally follow you…ahhhh ok omg I’m laughing yeah that would be from my pride and prejudice film proposal that really did happen goodness gracious. tbh I thought you were talking about my “legit” blog where I mostly post performance reviews and I was just confused ah nvm. Also I would seriously be interested to read your writing so if you want to like share that would be cool yeaa

“Well fair warning you should probably tell me if you're straight before I start breaking out awkward comments about your prettiness etc etc. To be upfront I creeped your blog a little ... your writing is just like mine. It's a bit scary really. I never wrote about stage performers though, just the plays”
-- Anonymous

Wait…what writing are we talking about?? Oh gosh I get excited when writing about Shakespeare. Also do you follow me do I follow you are we mutuals?

“Anytime a girl posts something about Shakespeare on my dash I'm always like BUT IS SHE STRAIGHT?? If you're not straight, can I flirt with you? And if you are, can we be platonic friends? I have no one to talk about Shakespeare with ..”
-- Anonymous