of gods and monsters
"I'm a slave to my emotions, to my likes, to my hatred of boredom, to most of my desires."

“I doubt it love, I have like no followers, but I will check. Surprise! nope. I'm sorry, I was talking about the writing sample you posted, like literally a picture of your essay where you were discussing Tom's curls and how he would make a good Darcy and your (amazing?) professor said "good". It's very similar to my writing style, but I never wrote about who should take on what roles. That's what I meant.”
-- Anonymous

If you come off anon I will totally follow you…ahhhh ok omg I’m laughing yeah that would be from my pride and prejudice film proposal that really did happen goodness gracious. tbh I thought you were talking about my “legit” blog where I mostly post performance reviews and I was just confused ah nvm. Also I would seriously be interested to read your writing so if you want to like share that would be cool yeaa

“Well fair warning you should probably tell me if you're straight before I start breaking out awkward comments about your prettiness etc etc. To be upfront I creeped your blog a little ... your writing is just like mine. It's a bit scary really. I never wrote about stage performers though, just the plays”
-- Anonymous

Wait…what writing are we talking about?? Oh gosh I get excited when writing about Shakespeare. Also do you follow me do I follow you are we mutuals?

“Anytime a girl posts something about Shakespeare on my dash I'm always like BUT IS SHE STRAIGHT?? If you're not straight, can I flirt with you? And if you are, can we be platonic friends? I have no one to talk about Shakespeare with ..”
-- Anonymous


“kat i have to write a 4 thousand word essay on the importance of the printing press god hel p me”
-- phoenixsausage

actually that could be really interesting!! omg like you can talk about literacy rates!! and approaches to education!! ooh and then early modern drama!! and the differences between quarto and folio texts!! (unless it’s just a cut and dry history paper which i don’t believe in anyway so we will ignore that)

-- serannwrap

i mean it depends on what you what out this situation??? if you want more where that came from then message him back girlie. but if it was a disappointing experience or you aren’t sure if he’s looking for a hookup buddy or a relationship or you just don’t want any of that shit, then don’t message back or message back but be brisk and aloof so he loses interest 

“anti-folk is all you need in life tbh”
-- serannwrap

my motto

“You didn't like it? How sad. I quite enjoyed OLLA but I can see why some wouldn't. It's okay.”
-- yourmatchmyfire

yeah okay i think i will post my review so yall understand what my main complaints are

“you didn't like olla??”
-- phoenixsausage

no :((( i was so disappointed tbh, ahh fuck it i might post my review to it today (i mean it’s written and shit i just thought i might wait until the us release date so i seem a bit legit you know). it is quite inflammatory tbh. i just. the fucking allusions man. why were there so many allusions. why did it have to insult shakespeare ??????????? ugh don’t even get me started on christopher marlowe. fucking marlowe (the character not the early modern dramatist). claiming credit for hamlet like are you fucking serious. we all know shakespeare based his hamlet on an earlier (now lost) play (and history) but that is attributed to thomas kyd not fucking marlowe gOD don’t mess with early modern drama it hurts my soul

it’s also like the acting was great. really really great. but i was just so disappointed by the forced plot and unfortunate writing. and for all the talk about hiddleston learning instruments and shit for the role music didn’t seem to be that big of a deal?? and the score was unimpressive??? i just ugH

“You can become a sugar baby and your sugar daddy will fund you. Only downside (or not) to that is he'd most likely expect sex on occasion but if that's something you're interested in you can do a google search on sugar daddies! and you don't even have to worry about not being cute or anything as long as you're young and tender you can find someone to trick off on you and your excursions ;) now GO MAKE THAT MONEY HONEY (and don't let it make you) $$$$”
-- Anonymous

"young and tender" oh my goodness gracious. sIGN ME UP

“Wait, what was the link to Coriolanus? Was it the downloadable one or the one online?”
-- wellgabyisagaby


“Can you IMAGINE Tom's wedding vows?? I've just made myself upset.”
-- Anonymous

why would you

“Kat, please describe your ideal wedding. If it helps, picture Tom as the groom. Go.”
-- Anonymous

oh gosh. i actually have no idea. i’ve never really given it any thought 

“Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this you must put this into 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it's nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out...”
-- Anonymous

thank you :))

“if you're so into Tom H why is that olympic guy on your icon? Icon TOMMM!”
-- brauliorsjournal

hA ok. yea it is supposed to be ironic… i have had a ryan lochte icon since london 2012 and the thing is i have a weird obsession with him but not in the way i’m into hiddleston…ryan is the anti-tom and i am fascinated by his stupidity. and so many people have tom icons and yeahh idk

“Hello, Dear! If you're tired and it's cold outside how about wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and read a nice book instead of going for a run? :) Don't force or push yourself too much.”
-- captain-hazeldine

ahhhh! see i want to do that, but i would just feel sooo guilty and like i know i will feel better if i run