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serannwrap replied to your post “ok friends tomorrow is my last day in london. tell me what to do”



serannwrap replied to your post “what should i dOOO in london tomorrow ???? ”


aNN you are a v BAD girl shame sHAME

serannwrap replied to your post “i got my bodleian card today !!”


wait i’m a nerd???? since when make it stop

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Dafuq is norovirus??? Also how many damn breaks do you get son??

it is terribly never contract it you will regret it my campus has been filled with zombies for the past week and not just because it’s the end of term. DO NOT GET NOROVIRUS. 

child just because you don’t get a break in february (“washington break” b/c we must celebrate our first president and the money he gave our school naturally by not being in school no it’s actually at midterms so it makes sense don’t question) doesn’t mean others shouldn’t 

-- serannwrap

kittencats are possibly the most important creatures i am very jealous also i understand that and sympathize but cannot empathize since i havent held a kittencat in years which is the obviously more tragic than your situation

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this is depressing. why can’t our bodies just do what we want? (also you’re safe i didn’t get the screenshot in time)

but if they did what we wanted it wouldnt be what we wanted!!!! (it makes sense shhhhh dont question)

well girl i try not to think about how our mouths were made so poorly we literally have to shove it in its proper place for the rest of our lives. like what are we as creatures that we have to do that??

i think about this with a lot of human shit tho??? like fucking eyebrows?? and then ahem you know shaving stuff

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valid counterpoint with the whole effort/sleep thing. sleep is very rewarding as well you make good choice

but not the retainer?? i thought that was my strongest argument 

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well then go to a party, stash some alcohol in your bag, go home and start writing. simple. or just ask someone older i guess if you’re not into challenges. but girl i think we’ve all have those moments in our life. like that’ll be me soon

ugh that involves effort and pretty sure there isn’t too much going on tonight (shocking tbh) b/c like shit only 1 more week until finals man. but like i’m wearing running shorts and a sports bra and i already put in my retainer (why do i have to wear a weird plastic contraption to keep my teeth perfect and why do i have a permanent metal bar on my lower teeth why does it have to be like this for the rest of my life like i haven’t had braces in literally 8 years but i have to wear a fucking retainer) i’m not going anywhere tonight i might go to sleep early b/c sleep is amazing

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here’s the fun: get plastered and write your papers and bonus round don’t even edit them before turning them in. solid.

tbh i would but i don’t have any alkeyhall slash i haven’t had a drink in literally weeks i don’t have fun anymore ann i spent my last weekend in the library and had a brief moment when i considered sleeping there 

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i feel like your hair naturally has lots o different tones to it already

yeaa i think my hair is generally pretty confused about a lot of things you know color shape purpose

that’s so white girl. i absolutely love it. i thrive on that

i thrive on your face

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haha, that’s true i never thought of the logistics… it’s like a booty call but a cuddle call? but ya, i mean we’ve known each other for a while but we haven’t been like super close?

dood i’m just saying but that could be a legit booty call and he is just pretending it’s cuddling like watch yourself

serannwrap replied to your post “hello is this 911? it’s an emergency: i don’t know how to flirt. A guy invited me to “cuddle with him sometime” and i literally responded “haha ok” … HAHA OKAY KAT. HAHAHAHA NOTHING’S OKAY”

well there was build up but it was also a bit random. I mean, he is cute, but i’m awkward af, so i can’t see cuddles happening

i’m just trying to imagine how that would even go down?? you show up at his place like hello yes are you ready to cuddle? i brought an extra blanket. show me to the bed. lets get down to business. like shit man that might work if yall have been close before but holy shit i cant imagine just randomly sober cuddling a guy i’ve kind of sort of flirted with